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How to Repair a Car

Tips For Boosting Your Car’s Performance

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If you work for a ride sharing company, you will want to ensure you are maximizing your profit margins on each ride, right? Well, if your car is under performing, then you could be spending more than you would like to on gas and even major car repairs, which can end up reducing the amount of money you are actually making in your ride sharing business. To ensure your car is performing efficiently and that you can boost your daily profits, you will want to obtain a car tune up or have the following inspected: Tire Inspections: Having to spend money on replacement tires means money out of your business. To ensure you can reduce the amount of times you need to replace your tires, you will want to obtain routine tire inspections. This will allow you to be informed of the health of your tires so you can have air added to them, have your tires rotated or have your tires balanced. These services can increase the lifespan of your tires, which helps you increase your profit margins. Engine Tune-ups: Because you do a heavy amount of driving on a day to day basis, minimizing your car’s fuel consumption is a big way to decrease your business expenses, resulting in higher profit margins. To ensure you are getting the best mileage out of your car, you will want to obtain routine engine tune-ups. This will allow your engine to obtain fresh and clean new oil, obtain intake upgrades and maintenance, and new belts. These upgrades, repairs, and maintenance will help increase your vehicle’s horsepower and improve the overall efficiency of your engine and this will limit how much fuel your vehicle will utilize. Electrical Modifications and Maintenance: The last thing you will want when trying to reduce your business expenses is having to pay for a towing service just to have your car towed and fixed at a repair shop. To ensure your battery or electrical system doesn’t prevent your car from starting, you will want to receive frequent electrical services. A mechanic will be able to test and diagnose any electrical issues such as your alternator, battery, and starter. Based on the results, you can obtain new and more efficient components which won’t only help prevent your car from dying on you, but will allow you to start your vehicle with minimum fuel consumption. Not only will these services and repairs help increase your mileage, but it can also give your vehicle the performance and ability to run more efficiently, reducing and limiting normal wear and tear that a vehicle can obtain when doing an extensive amount of...

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Moving Towards Automation: Auto-Pilot Features On New Cars And Why You May Want Them

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In the 1980s, people were promised that the future in automotive products would bring them flying cars and cars that drove themselves. Thirty years later, cars still do not fly, but many of them do have a few “auto-pilot” features. The futuristic expectations of Generation X continues to drive car design and technology, and you can buy a new car that not only looks futuristic but drives like it too. Here are few auto-pilot features on current and upcoming new cars, and why you may want them. Rear View, Real Time Video Cameras More than just a video camera and surveillance system in your dashboard, many cars that now have this feature also have an alarm system to alert you to the fact that there is someone or something directly behind your vehicle. Different models have slightly different alarm alerts; some will beep or ping endlessly, while others actually speak to you to alert you and draw attention to the dashboard’s video camera. The entire rear view video camera system and warning system effectively assist any driver that cannot or does not turn his or her head and upper torso to look behind the vehicle before backing out, thereby preventing many an accident. Auto Park/Park Assist Parallel parking is an age-old frustration for any driver, since it requires lots of practice and a lot of skill. If you are off by even a little bit when you begin to sidle the car into the space, you will park crooked, or worse, hit another car. Now, you do not have to worry about that skill anymore. Auto park or park-assist features flip on with a button, and the car does all of the parking for you. The only thing you have to do is line up your vehicle with the vehicle ahead of you before you turn on the park assist/auto park button. You may want this feature on your next new car if you live in a large city where parallel parking is a daily activity and you want to prevent any accidents from occurring. Fully Automated Car/Driverless Vehicle A couple of car manufacturers are currently working on a completely driverless or fully automated vehicle. The auto-pilot system on these vehicles will allow you to drive greater distances without stopping. If you put the vehicle on auto-pilot and then accidentally fall asleep in the car, you will not have to worry about getting into an accident because the car is completely in control. The truly driverless version does not even seat you where the driver normally sits, but instead places you to the passenger side of the vehicle. Although these new cars are still in the testing phase, it is highly likely that they will be a reality in the next...

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Scary Car Issues That Are Often Just Minor Brake Problems

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One of the worst things about car problems is that when the symptoms occur, you may not know exactly what’s happening. Fortunately, brake problems are often among some of the easier issues to deal with overall. Here are a few common symptoms people who own cars complain of that are often just brake issues. Shaking Steering Wheel Having your steering wheel shake in your hands while you’re driving can be disconcerting to say the least. This can often simply be attributed to a malfunctioning brake rotor. This often happens when the rotor gets too hot and warps due to the metal becoming malleable. If you or someone else has a habit of “riding” the brakes, this is definitely an issue to look into for your car. High-Pitched “Screaming” Noise It’s definitely not surprising if you’re inclined to believe the worst whenever you hear screaming or screeching noises coming from your car. If they happen most often when you’re braking, this is a good indication that you should check your braking system first because chances are good that it’s the brake pads. This often happens when the pads are worn out enough that the two parts of metal are hitting each other directly. If you catch this early enough, you can avoid paying much more for a new braking system. Brake pads themselves are a relatively cheap brake repair in comparison. This is going to be rotor damage, which is a complex and expensive enterprise. Pedal Pushes Way Too Far If your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor while not giving you adequate braking, this means that you likely have low brake pressure. It can also mean that you have any number of other issues such as air inside of the braking line or even a problem with a cylinder. You really need the brake pedal to be stiff when you hit it in order to be adequately safe while driving. Additionally, if you ever find your brake doing this, you need to get the brakes checked out quickly to figure out what’s actually causing the weak brake response. The more you put it off, the more of an issue it could be, and relatively cheap brake procedures will get more expensive for every day you let the damage rack up. Don’t be afraid of the symptom, it’s the cause you should be worried about, after all is said and...

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4 Benefits Of Shopping At Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships

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Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealerships offer an attractive alternative to traditional dealerships, especially for shoppers who have a checkered credit history. If you’re in the market for a reliable car, then you’ll want to find out all about the benefits a typical BHPH dealership offers over other used car dealers: Easier Access to Financing It can be difficult for buyers with less-than-stellar credit to find reasonable financing options through traditional means. Those who aren’t able to secure financing through their bank, credit union or a third-party finance company may be able to receive financing through the BHPH dealership itself. Unlike traditional dealerships, BHPH lots often provide their own in-dealer financing. This gives you an opportunity to purchase a reliable car without going through unnecessary hoops due to your credit score. The interest rates may not be as low as you’d get with traditional financing, but it remains highly competitive with most rates offered by conventional lenders. Another benefit is that the financing process at a BHPH dealership is usually faster than securing financing outside of the dealership. Lower Down Payments Many BHPH lots offer promotional deals where only a relatively small down payment is required to drive away in the car of your choice. This definitely comes in handy if you need a reliable car but don’t have enough cash saved up to swing a hefty down payment at a traditional dealership. In some cases, you may even be able to drive away without placing a down payment on your vehicle. Whether or not you’ll be able to take advantage of this usually depends on your credit score, although most dealers are likely to overlook a poor credit score during a sales promotion. More Reasonable Payment Terms The average BHPH dealership is more willing to work with you when it comes to your payments than a traditional dealership. In many cases, BHPH offer unique payment plans to help customers maintain their finances and not be overwhelmed by payments. Although most payment schedules are arranged on a monthly basis, it’s also possible for customers to take advantage of bi-monthly or even weekly payment options. In many cases, customers have a much easier time paying by the week or every two weeks, as opposed to paying on a monthly basis. The Potential to Rebuild Credit History Most BHPH dealerships report timely payments to one or more of the three largest credit reporting agencies in the nation. This can be a good thing if you’re looking to rebuild a checkered credit history while driving the reliable vehicle you need. As long as you make timely payments, buying from a BHPH dealership could be one of the first steps you take on the road to credit recovery. For a local BHPH dealership, contact a company such as Autobank of Kansas...

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Reasons Why You Should Choose A Stick Shift

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It’s tempting to choose a car that is an automatic, since there is an added learning curve to learning how to drive a stick shift. However, if you take the time to learn how to drive a stick shift, you will save money in various ways and your car will also accelerate faster. Better Gas Mileage Depending on the type of car, a manual transmission can improve gas mileage significantly. Torque converters and hydraulic pumps reduce fuel efficiency. Also, because stick shift accelerates more quickly, your car is more efficient since it reaches a higher gear sooner and higher gears are more efficient. Less Expensive To Purchase Cars that have a manual transmission are less expensive than stick shifts. Also, if you need to replace an old automatic transmission, the manual transmission will be much less expensive. To do so, contact local repair professionals, such as Karry’s Automotive Service Center. You Are Forced To Pay Attention Driving manual forces you to pay attention to your car. Then, you are much more likely to notice a problem with the sound of your car and correct it. You are also more likely to pay attention to the road than to other things, such as a smartphone. Your Car Is Less Likely To Be Stolen Given that there are fewer individuals who know how to drive a stick shift, it is less likely that someone will steal your car. Also, if you don’t like when others ask to borrow your car, simply inform them that you drive a stick shift and they’ll be less likely to want to borrow it. You Can Drive Any Car After Learning Stick Shift There are a greater number of cars that are only made with manual transmissions than there are cars that only have automatic transmissions. Therefore, if you want to drive a unique car, you will either need to learn stick shift or you will need to have the manual replaced with an automatic transmission. Therefore, it is much cheaper simply to choose a manual transmission. Repairs Are Less Expensive It is less expensive and troublesome to maintain a manual transmission than it is to maintain an automatic transmission. Manual transmissions use gear oil, while automatic transmissions use transmission fluid. Gear oil does not have to be replaced as often and is not as expensive. When you are first learning to drive, it makes sense to start with the easier automatic transmission. But once you have become comfortable, you should consider giving a stick shift a...

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Two Tips For Those Considering Investing In An RV

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Investing in a camper can be an excellent way of making it possible to travel the country without needing to stay in expensive or uncomfortable hotels. Yet, there are many people that may not have much experience with these vehicles, which can make the process of buying and caring for a camper more difficult than it has to be. If you are finding yourself in this situation, the following couple of tips will likely be useful to you. Invest In A Camper With Hardwood Flooring The type of flooring in the camper is an important factor that many people will make the mistake of overlooking. However, choosing flooring that is durable with easy care instructions can dramatically reduce the time, energy and money you must spend ensuring the floor is in good condition. Hardwood flooring is an excellent option for individuals that want a durable camper that is still aesthetically pleasing. While this type of flooring may be slightly more expensive than carpeting or laminate, it can outlast these options, which may help you avoid the significant costs of replacing the flooring. In cases where a portion of the flooring has suffered damage, it can be easily replaced to keep the interior looking as good as possible. Take Care Of The Camper’s Plumbing The camper’s plumbing is another topic that people will often overlook with dire consequences. This is especially important considering that campers have very small pipes, and as a result, they can be far more likely to experience clogs, leaks or any other range of issues. To avoid experiencing these problems, you should make it a point to regularly clean the drains and pipes using vinegar and baking soda. The fizzing caused by combing these two substances can be highly effective at removing grime, hair and mineral deposits from pipes. Furthermore, you should have the entire plumbing system professionally serviced at least once a year. These servicings will allow the technician to inspect all of the seals and connections in the camper’s plumbing to ensure no problems are developing. Owning a camper can be an excellent option for those that enjoy spending their time traveling across the country. Yet, failing to properly understand what should be expected from this type of vehicle can make it difficult for you to get the most from this investment. Appreciating these two tips will allow individuals to get the most enjoyment and comfort possible from owning a...

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Now Is the Time to Prepare for Getting Stuck in a Snowstorm in Your Car

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High winds and heavy snows will be blowing across many portions of the United States soon, and you need to be prepared if you get stuck in a storm in your car. A well-packed car can protect you from the cold while you wait for a tow truck to arrive to pull you out of a snowbank or a snow-covered ditch. There are a couple of things to remember: First, it is far better to stay with your vehicle than to venture out into the storm. Second, your car will eventually stop running due to lack of gas or a snow-clogged tail pipe that stalls the engine. Here is how you should pack you car for such a situation. Blankets Blankets are essential to help keep you warm while you stay in your car. You don’t have to get a big fluffy blanket that will take up a lot of space in the trunk. Instead, look to purchase one of the newer “space” blankets used by astronauts. Space blankets are thin thermal blankets. You should get a large enough blanket for a couple of people to cuddle under—especially if you normally drive with other people in the car. Cuddling together under the blanket will keep everyone warmer and safer while waiting in the cold. Change of Clothes You should keep a full change of clothes from underwear and socks to jeans and sweaters in your trunk. If you get stuck and get out of the car to try and move it, there’s a chance you might fall down into slushy water or a ditch. If you get wet for any reason, you’ll want to get out of the wet clothes before hypothermia sets in. Changing your clothes will keep you warm and dry. Water Water is essential to keep you hydrated. Place a few plastic bottles of water into your trunk for when you get stuck. If the water is frozen, place the bottles under your blanket to let your body heat thaw them out. Food You should keep a supply of high-energy nutrition bars and meals in your trunk. Some storms can last for days, and it might be a long time before a tow truck can get to you. You’ll need to eat to keep your mental and physical strength up. Getting stuck in the snow is no fun, but it can also be dangerous if you are not prepared for a prolonged stay in your car. With the number of a tow truck service like Mark’s Towing, Inc. in your phone and your winter kit in the trunk, you should have much better results if you get caught in a...

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Thinking Of Skipping That Oil Change? Why You Should Think Twice About It

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Getting an oil change does not take very long, and it is something you should take time doing. If you do not, bad things can happen, and this may result in high repair bills. Below is what can happen with your car if you skip this maintenance, and information about changing your oil. Protects the Engine The part in your car that is affected if you skip oil changes is your engine. Over time, your oil will start to break down and cannot lubricate your engine in the way it should. Your engine has moving parts. If they are not properly lubricated, when these parts move it causes friction. When this happens, heat is created and your engine will absorb this heat. When it becomes overheated, the internal parts will not work effectively, and your engine will fail over time. Oil also becomes dirty and gunky if it is not changed, and this dirt will build up inside your engine. Changing Oil It is important that you use the right type of oil for your car. Read the owner’s manual that came with your car for this information. A mechanic will also be able to tell you, as well as employees at an auto parts store. All they need is the make and model of your vehicle. Three different types of oils you will see include: Synthetic blend: This type of oil is made in a laboratory, and is generally best used for older engines. This oil contains mineral oils. Fully synthetic:  Fully synthetic oil has no minerals, and is generally used for industrial applications. Mineral oil: This type of oil works well in most cars, and is made from refined crude oil. If you do not want to pay someone to change your oil for you, you may be able to change it yourself at home. When changing the oil, you should also change the oil filter. If your owner’s manual recommends that you change your oil for extended intervals, make sure the oil filter you purchase can last this long. You can find this information on the box the filter comes in, or ask an employee at the auto parts store. Make sure you write down when you change your oil. The owner’s manual for your car will recommend that you change your oil every so many miles, and you should follow this recommendation. Write down the mileage your car was at when you change the oil. To find out more, speak with a business like Gran-Del Petroleum...

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Myths About Roadside Assistance

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There are few things that can ruin a trip faster than having your car break down. In addition to potentially leaving you stranded along a dark and dangerous road, these situations can also require you to pay for expensive towing services. Luckily, there are roadside assistance programs that can help reduce the stress that is caused by these situations. However, many people have a weak understanding of roadside assistance programs, but clearing a couple of routine misconceptions can help you to better appreciate the protections offered by these plans.  Myth: Roadside Assistance Only Provides Coverage For Towing When your car experiences a major malfunction, you will need to have it towed to a mechanic to have it repaired, and while this is one of the main benefits offered by roadside assistance plans, it is far from the only way that they can help you when you are experiencing a problem with your car.  For example, it is common for these services to help stranded motorist with tasks such as tire changes, adding more fuel, jumping off a dead battery and unlocking the doors when the keys have been lost. By using these services, you can help minimize your out of pocket expenses for handling these issues as well as keeping the disruptions to a minimum.  Myth: These Plans Pay For Repairing Your Car Unfortunately, it is important to note that these plans will not cover the actual repairs that your car may require. Rather, these services primarily are only concerned with getting badly malfunctioning automobiles to the nearest repair shop or making minor repairs to vehicles that are stranded.  However, there still may be ways that you can minimize the expense of repairing your car. For example, if the vehicle is still under warranty, the dealership may be able to repair the damage for free. As a result, you should be aware of the terms of your warranty to know whether it may be worth it to have the tow truck drop off the vehicle at the nearest authorized dealership for repairs.  When your car experiences problems, a roadside assistance plan can prove to be invaluable. Yet, you may have an inaccurate understanding of these programs if you have never used them. If you are aware of the various services that these providers can offer and that they do not cover the actual repairs to our vehicle, you will be more able to decide whether or not these services are right for your needs. Call an assistance company, like Airport Towing, for more...

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Tips For Safe Fifth Wheel Hitching For New Trailer Owners

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If you have just purchased your first fifth wheel, it may be hard to resist that urge to get out there and explore all that the great outdoors has to offer. Before you head out for that first trip, though, there are a few things that you’ll need to know for everyone’ safety. Here’s a look at some tips that will help you ensure that your hitch is secure every time you head out. Hitch Management Any time you’re connecting a fifth wheel trailer to your vehicle, it’s vital that the hitch be secure. Otherwise, you face the risk of it coming loose while you’re on the road, which is hazardous for everyone. Securing the hitch properly requires attention to a few key factors. Follow a Hitching Routine – Create a routine that you can follow every time you hitch and unhitch the trailer. Following a set routine allows you to commit the process to memory. This reduces the chance that you might forget something along the way, which protects your safety and that of your fifth wheel. You may even want to have someone else go through the process for you after you’ve finished, just to be sure you didn’t miss anything. Doing this the first few times will provide you with some great peace of mind that you’ve covered all of your bases. Secure The Emergency Brake Cable – Don’t ever take your fifth wheel out on the road without making sure that the emergency brake cable is secure. That cable helps ensure that your trailer will come to a safe stop in the event that the hitch comes loose. Test the Hitch – Before you raise the front jacks, test the security of the hitch. Give the trailer a small tug with the truck. This pulls the trailer forward and locks the jaws on the hitch into place. This is important, because a hitch that isn’t really secure may lead to the trailer falling when you raise the front jacks. The weight of the trailer can actually damage the bed rails of the truck and the trailer itself. Use Wheel Chocks – Every time you park your fifth wheel, use the wheel chocks. Even if the ground appears perfectly level, there may be a slope that you can’t see with the naked eye. Putting the wheel chocks in place each time you park eliminates the guess work and the risk. When you buy your first fifth wheel, it’s important that you connect it properly and learn how to manage it both on the road and off. With these tips, you’ll be able to connect your trailer safely every time, getting where you want to be with the peace of mind that everything is secure. Check with a company like Major Tire & Hitch Inc for more details about proper hitch procedures for your fifth...

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