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How to Repair a Car

Workamping: See The Country In Your Fifth Wheel Or RV!

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If you have a fifth wheel or a full sized RV and are looking for a change in your lifestyle, consider workamping!  Workamping is exactly what it sounds like: traveling the country and “working” while “camping” in a RV.  This practice is common mostly with people who are retired, though people of all ages can enjoy this lifestyle.  What do workampers do? Workamping is a way to see the country and try out a variety of jobs.  This isn’t a “career change,” but rather a way of living...

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Common Questions Concerning Auto Brake Pads Answered

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Poorly maintained or malfunctioning brake pads can make your car extremely dangerous to operate. Despite this considerable threat, there are many individuals that fail to properly maintain their brakes. Often, these mistakes are made due to a lack of knowledge and experience with caring for brakes. If you are not particularly well-informed about your car’s brakes, learning the following two questions and their answers should help you to understand this critical system.  Why Does The Car Veer To One Side When You Apply The Brakes?...

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Getting Stuck: Four Tips for Off-Roading Novices

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If you want to try off-roading or mud bogging, you need to accept the fact that eventually you will get stuck. Many newcomers to the sport overestimate the abilities of their vehicle and their own driving skills, which can land them in an unpleasant—and possibly dangerous—position. The following tips will help you handle a sticky problem without damaging your vehicle or yourself. Tip #1: Traction Is King Mud bogging is popular because mud provides enough traction that you can enjoy the experience of off-roading without getting stuck. The same...

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3 Reasons To Take A Defensive Driving Course

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Taking a defensive driver course is a great idea because it can provide you with a wide range of benefits. Some of the benefits provided by this type of course include keeping your license, lowering your insurance premiums, and making you a safer driver. 1. Keep Your License One of the biggest benefits to taking a defensive driving course is that it can help you keep your driver’s license in good standing. The reason for this is that by taking a defensive driving course, you can actually have points taken off of your license. This can...

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Is It Your Fuel Pressure Regulator? Fix It Yourself

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The fuel pressure regulator does what the name implies. And it is a very important job considering that proper engine combustion requires the perfect amount of fuel. But, this little compartment can go wrong, and the following guide will help you identify the signs that it needs to be replaced. Signs Of A Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator Look out for the following common symptoms: A common sign is black smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe. This is due to unburned fuel because your regulator pushed too much fuel into your engine. You may also...

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Guaranteeing Effective Repairs With Long Lasting Results – Advantages Of OEM Parts In Auto Body Repair

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The huge focus on cars in American culture has long meant that auto body repair services have been able to do a consistently impressive amount of business. However, if you suddenly find yourself in need of a repair for your vehicle, you may be surprised at the amount of information you need to acquire and even overwhelmed by how much there is to know. Below, you’ll find a guide to synthesizing an aspect of that information – the benefits of original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts. By having this information in mind, you can...

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How To Fix Broken Or Defective Wiper Blades

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Knowing how to install a new set of wiper blades can save you a few extra dollars when it comes time to replace them. Failing to replace the wiper blades could cause an accident, as they are needed to clear the windshield in slick driving conditions to ensure you have good visibility. Here is a step-by-step list of instructions on how to replace the wiper blades yourself. To complete this task you will need the following items: Replacement wiper blades One pair of gloves 1. Buy replacement wiper blades that fit your make and model of...

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Don’t Ignore These Signs Of Brake Wear On Your Car

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Brakes are an interesting feature on your car because they are built to wear out, which is what keeps you safe. Metal pads push on metal discs or drums to slow down your wheels, and your car. When these metal surfaces wear down to a minimum level, it’s time for a brake job. Unless you regularly take your car in to an auto repair shop to inspect your brakes, there are few ways to tell when it’s time for new ones. Here are the signs that your brakes need attention, and to be careful driving until you get those brakes serviced....

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Getting Your Junk Car Ready For Sale

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Taking the time to prepare your junk car before selling it to an auto recycler can have a huge impact on the overall price that you get. This is because the more work the junkyard has to do in order to recycle your vehicle, the less they will be willing to pay for it. The good news is, preparing your vehicle to command the highest possible purchase price can be much easier than many people realize. Below you will learn more about how you can complete this task. Step 1: Remove All Excess Parts And Tools From The Vehicle If your vehicle has a...

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Busting Vehicle Suspension Problems Disguised As Other Issues

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The suspension system of your vehicle, including shocks, struts, and various other components, is designed to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. These vehicle components take a hard beating over the years and there is a good chance that eventually you will start to see a few issues. Even though you may think problems with your car’s suspension system would be easy to spot, they are not always as obvious as what most people think. Here are a few common suspension problems that may be disguised as something else entirely. Tires...

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